City of Hollywood

Parking Garage (Hollywood)

The City of Hollywood developed the 8-story parking garage for public use in 2019. A modern building that now offers 304 parking spaces and is conveniently located along the A1A interstate in front of Hollywood Beach. Kaller Architects was the firm that designed the custom screen facade . 

ESMetals engineered the system with 3/16” aluminum perforated panels and wire-mesh screens in exotic green and orange finishes. We are proud to have been contracted to deliver a system that would meet this visionary design. The subframing system was composed of vertical aluminum profiles, designed to support the 3/16” perforated aluminum panels and the wire mesh panels. The open area of the panels ranged from 40% to 61%. 

Its facade has square perforations of 6 sizes (2, 5, 8, 10, 12 and 15 ”), With Colors; DURANAR- RAIN FOLIAGE (green) AND DURANAR DARK CLASSIC COPPER SIMULATED SUNSTORM (dark orange).

Hollywood, Florida

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